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Europe's Hard Questions to Syrian Refugees!

Several observations have raised glaringly obvious facts that no one has even mentioned yet. After all, these people are not duly registered immigrants but are refugees that live in temporary tent shelters in camps while awaiting for their repatriation back to their home countries.

The daily mainstream television newscasts and even the cable broadcasts don't mention or tweet any negatives. All of the financial welfare program are real hardships to those sponsor European nations along with the intrusion of Muslim cultural and Islam religious values upon the indigenous Christian populations of the affected areas.

With all that said, the European Union has finally had it chickens come home to roost. Their had smug attitudes about letting the United States fight terrorism and pay with its own blood and treasure which was just fine, it was no sweat or cost to their countries. Their little or no help for the past decade at all to militarily joining in to take down the Muslim terrorists finally caught up with them; especially after Obama constantly repeated he had his 50 members of "coalition partners" that were shoulder to shoulder with him to fight these Islamic terrorists. These coalition partners could have contained these terrorists to their own lands but instead just sat out the war while the U.S. fought it and are now paying the price today.

So, it was no surprise to most Americans that Obama in keeping his campaign promises just up and left the region and pulled out most all of the U.S. troops. The entire region immediately collapsed and imploded into total chaos, mass executions and murders, religious persecution and total societal destruction. I have to admit that no one hears anything from the White House about Obama's monumental military action's aftermath; it was one of Obama's worst foreign policy mistakes. If the U.S. doesn't lead, it doesn't happen!

Inquiring Minds Want To Know...

Can someone please explain the following regarding the Syrian refugees arriving in European destinations from worn torn regions?

1/ How come they all seem to have endless supplies of money to pay the people traffickers? Some say personal savings, others say I.S.I.S. funds. The refugees had to pay human traffickers $500 to $1,300 for a spot on a boat with some reported paying up to $4,000
2/ Why do most refugees appear to have working mobile phones? Some use GPS to safely find way out, others say I.S.I.S. personnel coordination.
3/ How do most refugees appear well dressed and fed and do not seem to be suffering the effects of malnutrition?  Interesting that no one has addressed this observation yet.
4/ Why are most of the fleeing refugees men of military age? They all seem to be able-bodied men who would be fighters taking back their homelands in Syria--some say they're imbedded cells of I.S.I.S. insurgents. 
5/ Why are other Muslim nations not helping their fellow Muslims? (Saudi, Kuwait, U.A.E. Indonesia, but to name a few) They're wary of questionable religious, political motives of any Syrian refugees that can possibly destabilize their countries.
6/ How come the two boys and their mother drowned off the Turkish coast can be returned for burial to the place they fled so quickly, what is believed to be I.S.I.S. held territory?
7/ Could it be some are being paid to come to Europe as a way to increase the Muslim population and get I.S.I.S. fighters embedded in Europe? We all know life is cheap from an I.S.I.S. viewpoint so the loss of a few lives along the way has no meaning for them as long as it benefits their cause.


Internet Warning - Content Integrity Guidelines

Watch out for Bogus 2016 Presidential Campaign Internet Facts!

Recently, a 'news article' was emailed to me from a well intentioned reader as another example of a travesty happening around the world. So before I start to resend and spread any story myself, I always check out the facts. On occasion, I have slipped up in not checking and every time, every time, get bitten in the ass, and it's embarrassing. Have you ever thought about who gets hung out to dry?
Since the raw email article came to me without any credits for the editorial content or authorship noted, the pirated material took the name recognition away for those creative efforts. So have the creators and brains behind this content lost their identity and true intentions to possibly humorously entertain and not alarm people with misrepresentation of their clever imaginations? 

So, not only are the originators of the materials misrepresented but the readers of the misinformation are doing a disservice by disseminating wrong ideas held out as fact. It's no wonder that the World Wide Web, or in Chinese: wàn wéi wǎng (万维网), on the Internet has not made all the readers in the blogosphere react as 'flash-mob' take-overs in stores, malls or even revolutions at the drop of a hat. Let's be honest here, how many of you have a friend who sends tons of '--Forwarded messages'--? It makes one wonder why they don't throw them into their trash cans to save others from reading them.

Remember that next time when you send a "'--Forwarded message--", please check out the information source and facts before emailing it out. You are putting your good name on something that now carries your own honest word that it’s the truth; it's in a currency that's as good as gold. That's what computer hackers, malicious malware software developers rely upon to carry their insidious virus infections from one computer to another.

Other computer hacks just get their jollies off knowing their absurd and hurtful stories can damage someone else's reputation; it's the 'reality show' effects for real. Then other emails are just plain stupid for a range of reasons; but mostly just dumb, dumber and dumbest.  

So is your "forwarded" email a hoax and its source is a satire or nothing on this quoted website should be taken seriously or is it really factually based? Some emails even have a verification source disclaimer on the page in the site which implies that it has been checked out and that in itself may be also questionable too.

Here is a partial list of the major verification sites:

  1. a political website financed by billionaire Peter Soros, left-wing liberal.
  2. a politically liberal website dedicated to correct conservative ideas founded by Peter Brock, financed by billionaire Peter Soros, left-wing liberal.
  3. a site owned by the Barbara & David Mikkelson, big left-wing liberal Obama donors.
  4. owned by the Tampa Bay Times with liberal left-leaning bias.
  5. founded by the late Rich Buhler, who was known as the "Father of Modern Christian Talk Radio" at KBRT , Corona, CA with a conservative leaning partisanship.

It's important to note that when you go to one fact checking 'dot com or dot org' site, it is wise to check another site too.  And, it never hurts for a quick "Google" of the subject that may bring up contrasting opinions and facts too.  


Refugee Refuse - Human Garbage: Who picks it up?

Third World Invasion: An Eyewitness Description

An eye-witness pictorial account from Kamil Bulonis, a Polish travel blog writer, was present on the Italian-Austrian border on September 5, 2015 who wrote, "...swarms of Third World non-whites poured across the border to invade Austria and Germany..." (a literal description translation from the Polish text):  

"For those few thousand people nobody understood neither Italian nor the angielksu, or German, or Russian, or Spanish ... What mattered was right fist ... They fought for permission to move on and this agreement have - but did not realize that they have it! [EU nations all have open borders as EU agreements] The coach [car] of the French group [EU volunteers were bringing them supplies] hatches [doors] were open - everything was in the middle, within a short time has been stolen, some things lying on the ground ... Never in my short life I had occasion watch such scenes and I feel that this is just the beginning. On a final note, it is worth helping, but not at any price." 

These observations are well said truths by Kamil Bulonis about this whole humanitarian mess mainly caused by the weak, feckless U.S. foreign policies from an Obama administration that are a joke to our enemies. They are dangerously foolhardy and naive ideas for any American citizens to follow too.

Beware - These are all potentially undocumented, unknown, unskilled, uneducated, undetermined refugee status visa holders flooding to American shores under orders by Obama!

Please Note: All pictures are from the Hungarian-Austrian border.



3-D Doppleganger - New Wave Future Politics

Imagine: A Ronald Reagan hologram in his Presidential Library!A Three-Dimensional Doppleganger, a very strange word indeed, is new to most people. The word doppelganger is German and literally means double walker — as in a ghost or shadow of yourself. It's someone who looks spookily like you, but isn't a twin, is a doppelganger. Famous personalities in the past were known to use doppelgangers to thwart off personal physical attacks or assassination attempts. In some realtime circumstances it made perfect sense to people like Adolph Hitler or Saddam Hussein, but what does it mean to you?

Invented in 1584, an Italian scientist named Giambattista della Porta, inventor of the camera obscura, first described creating a 3-D Oculus Rift-like effect in a paper titled "How we may see in a chamber things that are not."

By 1997, a German inventor, Uwe Maass created a 3-D experience like that in the first old Sci-Fi movies with those clunky, special 3-D glasses; but his new technology offered images without those glasses or limiting the image projection only onto a movie screen. Uwe Masse offered a holographic effect projecting a 3-D image onto thin, clear plastic film to create a virtual 3-D doppelganger experience.

In September 2014, Jullian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who has spent three years in asylum while still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, appeared in front of nearly 1,000 people in Nantucket, MA answering questions from the crowd and even attempted a hologram-to-human high five at the end.  

In November 2014, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hosted his show simultaneously in Los Angeles, CA and at the Country Music Awards in Nashville, TN appearing by hologram. It was an instant hit. The Jimmy Kimmel Show is building an installation now so the host can beam people in for interviews at any time.

The exciting probabilities are even more exponentially explosive when considering electioneering possibilities. 

In 2014, Narenda Modi enters the race for prime minister of India with polling numbers of 34 percent, not good. But then, he delivers speeches to hundreds of rallies by hologram as he spoke at over 1,400 locations, reaching 14 million additional voters. He then started generating enormous crowds, 30,000 to 40,000 and wins the election garnering a rare plurality with 53% of the vote. 

In 2014, Uwe Maass reported that a team from Hillary Clinton's campaign visitedHillary's Holographic Image Redo with his Beverly Hills, CA production studio and seemed intrigued. He was enthusiastic that Hillary is going to go for it too. If Hillary does it and wins, then it's going to be easy to have it seen as a major electioneering campaign tool.  

This new 3-D Doppleganger technology is available to all and it appears it will certainly add to the social media mix as a king-maker to the political candidate hopefuls. It is certainly a cutting edge political media tool in the making. 


How to Separate the Beef from the Bun for a Cheaper Burger! 

Workers have a beef about their pay at McDonald’s, so McDonald's recently came out with their answer to those that demand  $15 per hr pay.  ...Robots! 

This month in Europe, McDonald’s hired 7,000 touch screen cashiers. Of course when this happens, like it did in Los Angeles, the unskilled workers will lose their jobs.
This is exactly what the left pushed for, but Fast food chains were never meant to be a place for someone to raise a family of 6. They were to be part time positions with some full-time advancements.  Most fast food jobs were intended for school aged kids to learn how to be responsible, interact with people, and have a real job that offers a wage. The part time position was not intended as full time employment to support a family.
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