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A Simple 666 Solution for Borders & Terrorism

I have the immediate answer to completely reset the process of all the undocumented aliens in the immigration of people around the world!

Assignment of an exact unalterable, individual  DNA I.D. match unlike our U.S. citizens' social security number, a lifetime government I.D. number, which can be altered, forged or changed. See the DNA World map showing how tribes historically moved over thousands of years to today.

It involves computerizing the total immigration process with the DNA of everyone. There are no duplicates or forged I.D. records because the records cannot be forged or changed. That permanent number is the international passport number and I.D. or the Mark of 666 as some call it.  Get over 666, we gave up our individual rights when we always use the Social Security number for every important transaction we conduct daily.

Currently this service is available by  and their ads say, "Uncover your ethnic mix, discover distant relatives, and find new details about your unique family history with a simple DNA test with a cotton swab, a Q-tip to painlessly gather a drop of saliva from the mouth."

That initial cost under a government mandate would be trivial to the cost savings in processing hundreds of thousands of people who would be tracked with or without valid paperwork with DNA I.D. records.  Their whole ethnic background tracing their country of origin would be really valuable in tracing these mass migrations, transmittable diseases or medical records. Government welfare programs could cut down on records duplication, administration costs and processing errors too.

At this point in history with so much at stake with out of control fraud and waste with everyone wanting to get everything for free it's about time to face reality. We must start tracking these unmarked masses of humanities that are roving the earth and drowning countries in unbearable debts and social hardships. It will also assist in tracking terrorist members too.

When is enough finally enough? A mandatory law to enforce DNA I.D. records will be the most efficient method to fairly distribute resources and services to all people trully in need of help. Otherwise, no entry or no benefits. It would also protect everyone from more terrorist groups too.

What do you think?


A Brokered GOP Convention? ...Really?

The is an Election, not a Selection by the Republican Party elite ...No more whining and bed wetting, get over it everybody!

The Republican Party is going to surpass the Democrat voter numbers this election year. The American voters go out to vote for something not against something, otherwise they simply don't vote. A Trump candidacy will not generate an anti-vote, it will only excite more people to get out and vote. 

The basic question: Can the Republican voters see past their primary contest to see the real future ahead for the party in the White House? The answer is Donald Trump. Listen to the common sense answers that Mike Huckabee has for all voters.   

Time: 05:54


My Trip in the Twilight Zone with Rod Serling

 "You unlock this door with the key of imagination..."


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Long before Rod Serling became a household name, he'd was a boxer, a soldier, and an actor. But it was with 1959's The Twilight Zone that he shined the brightest and let his true voice, virtues, politics, and all around social commentary be known.

Rod SerlingOn each Twilight Zone Show episode Rod would say, "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead--your next stop, The Twilight Zone!"  I felt that I was right there when I last talked to him on June 26, 1975.

I worked as a part-time checker/clerk while going to college. Rod Serling would occasionally stop by the Westward Ho Market in Brentwood, CA to do some shopping on the way to his home in Pacific Palisades adjacent to Brentwood in the Los Angeles area.  I remember the last time which was a warm 84°F day in Summer, 1975 on June 26th, a Saturday night about 9:30 pm and there only a few shoppers in the store. I saw him when he came in decked out in his tennis whites, shorts, shirt and tennis shoes looking very tan and trim, athletically fit and like he had just come of the courts, but still very refreshed. He had dashed in to pick up some pints of ice cream. As I checked his items, I said to him that I appreciated his show, The Twilight Zone.  He then gave me that crooked smirky smile which was so him and very friendly too. He graciously thank me for the compliment and stood back and chatted with me for a few minutes about the Twilight Zones and to look forward to some new programs he was working on coming out since the Twilight Zone had been off the air since 1964.

He was genuinely enthused as he spoke with passion which impressed me as a college senior in Business courses.  It was a quality trait he so easily exuded and shared and I noted as one I would like to embrace too.  To this day, after successfully generating millions of dollars in sales, I wholeheartedly believe enthusiasm sells your ideas.  Rod Serling really proved it during his career as he sold his shows to the studios.

He mentioned that he was flying back to New York for a meeting and returning the following week. I wished him well and he said goodbye, I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone myself and maybe I was too. Rod Serling died forty-eight hours later on the following Monday, June 28, during a ten hour operation when he suffered a heart attack and died at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY as they attempted a scheduled heart bypass surgery for heart blockage due to Rod’s excessive smoking and a family history of coronary heart disease like his father and grandfather who both died in their 50’s. Rod Serling was only 50 years old himself.

As for myself, I truly felt his pain personally about the trauma of any heart surgery. Although to do his bypass surgery is a serious procedure, in 2007 I had open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve. Both heart surgeries are akin to fixing an engine while it's running; one for fuel lines to the carburetor or the other for repairing the fuel pump itself.  I am very thankful mine was thirty-two years later with far more advanced surgical techniques, equipment and parts. Ironically, Rod was fifty then and I was sixty-one at my time of surgery. I am nearly seventy now and wonder what a guy like Rod Serling would have accomplished with another thirty-nine years, by age 89?  Now, that's something to imagine and really ponder the Twilight Zone!

Here is an example of Rod Serling's thoughts on the WWII atrocities against Jews and other victims which is so apropos today in 2015:

"Dachau is left standing because it must be. All the Dachaus--all the Belsens, all the Buchenwalds, all the Auschwitzs—all of it. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge...but worst of all, their consciences. And the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers. Something to think about, something to dwell on, and remember...not only in the Twilight Zone, but wherever men walk God's Earth." 

Rod Serling's Bio:

As host of The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, Rod Serling's face, recognizable way of speaking, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies became well known by the general public, and his image and legacy remain to be a staple in the world of media and popular culture to this day.

Beginning his career in radio, Serling later went on to  become a significant screenwriter for television, where he wrote "Patterns" and "Requiem for a Heavyweight," (both of which were later turned into films). Serling's relationship with networks was a rocky one though. He was constantly battling with censors and sponsors who didn't want to be associated with anything too controversial that might make them look bad to buyers. Tired of seeing his scripts butchered (removing any political statements, ethnic identities, even the Chrysler Building being removed from a script sponsored by Ford), Serling decided the only way to avoid such artistic interference was to create his own show. This is around the time he devolved the fantasy/science-fiction anthology series The Twilight Zone.

Collaborating with such talented and revered writers as Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont, The Twilight Zone was an instant success with critics and gained a loyal fanbase (although it had a slow start in the beginning with the general public; cancelled twice only to be revived). In the show, Serling also made it a point to incorporate many of his progressive social views on racial relations, feminism, politics, Cold War paranoia and the horrors of war, and other parables that were somewhat veiled by the science fiction and fantasy elements of the shows. The show ran for 5 years and consisted of a total of 156 episodes, 92 of which Serling wrote himself.

After The Twilight Zone had ended its run in 1964, Rod Serling went on to work on other television series such as the short-lived The Loner, a version of the game show Liar's Club, and finally went back to his roots with the Twilight Zone-esque horror series Night Gallery, which he hosted and wrote over a third of the scripts for. By season three, however, Serling began to see many of his script contributions rejected and flat-out butchered. With his complaints ignored, the disgruntled host dismissed the show as "Mannix in a cemetery".

Under the trivia about Rod Serling: "Did you know?..."

  • As a Golden Gloves boxer, Rod broke his nose twice. He won 17 out 18 matches. He lost his championship fight.

  • He co-wrote Planet of the Apes.

  • He usually dictated his scripts into a tape recorder and had his secretary type them up.

  • Military decorations from the Second World War include: World War II Victory Medal, American Campaign Service Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (with Arrowhead Device), Good Conduct Medal, Phillippine Liberation Medal (with 1 bronze service star), Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Badge, and Honorable Service Lapel Pin. Also retroactively authorized the Bronze Star Medal, based on receipt of the Combat Infantryman Badge during the Second World War.

  • Serling was ranked #1 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" (in the August 1, 2004 issue). He was also the only real-life person on the list. All the others were fictitious characters.

  • The Twilight Zone is not the only Serling work to reappear throughout the years. In 1994, Rod Serling's Lost Classics released two never-before-seen works that Carol Serling found in her garage. The first was an outline called "The Theatre" that Richard Matheson expanded. The second was a complete script written by Serling titled "Where the Dead Are".

  • Struggling to make ends meet, a young Serling earned extra income by testing experimental parachutes for the U.S. Army Air Force, earning $500 per jump.

  • He wanted Richard Egan to do the narration for "Twilight Zone" (1959) because of his rich, deep voice. However, due to strict studio contracts of the time, Egan was unable to. Serling said "It's Richard Egan or no one. It's Richard Egan, or I'll do the thing myself," which is exactly what happened.

  • He was quoted as saying: "If you need drugs to be a good writer, you're not a good writer."

Get to the Back of the Bus or Be Thrown Under it!

Do you ever get that tired rundown feeling all the time?--You know, it's actually from always being thrown down under the bus and backed over repeatedly.

Aren't you just getting weary of endlessly hearing about why we are accused of being an unjust, dishonest, conniving American people, blamed for every little glitch in our society or in the world? Obama believes the demographics have changed in America to support his narrative saying, "That's not who we are!" But, either we're being too bigoted or too gluttonous, but also condemned for our extreme values of Constitutional laws protecting individual rights  by limiting the balance of power in Washington politics.

Without those pesky individual rights, the totalitarian government's theology takes controls to supersede beyond imagination a voracious appetite to categorize everyone within its profiles according to Federally mandated standards. So no one's above the law, only below the purview of government legislation to be told what to do. That's bureaucratic bigotry targeting individuals. 

I'll let a great American patriot speak and whom I met, shook his hand and spoke to on a few occasions after church services in Bel Air, CA in the mid-1960s before Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California in 1967. He served two terms from 1967 to 1975 and declined a third term to run for President from 1981 to 1989 instead.

President Ronald Reagan's uplifting, positive views and outlook are different than Barack. Obama's downward stilted, left-wing socialist ideals view our society within communal groups responsible for every individual's travesty in order to create a political divide, guilty as charged. 




The Muslim "N" Word is the new "F" Word 

Language is a collective memory or cultural history so the meaning of words are defined by society. Just as words in English have no meaning to people that don't speak English, the words can have certain meanings in certain sub-cultures or circles.

Anti-racial cartoons in publications.Actually in the Muslim world the "N" word in Arabic is "Nikah". In Arabic it is equivalent to the "F" word, it is a word from the Quran when offensively taken basically means pejoratively "to have sex." The typical Islamist counter-argument states, "Even though this is completely false when silly Christians say that, [the term] "Nikah" is a proper and not offensive word to use." and added, "It is true that "Nikah" could sometimes also refer to sexual intercourse so it does not only have to necessarily mean "to have sex", it could also mean marriage." So in another words, this word does not have a double entendre, double meaning, when uttered or written outside the Quaran? ...Ah yeah, gotcha! So that's words like ass or cock and what sinful act they do together that's mentioned in the Bible that can't possibly be used pejoratively? 

In war torn Iraq the conquering Islamic militants have decreed that it is death to the Christians if they don't convert to Islam, pay a dhimmi tax (Sharia dhimmitude to allow infidels to live), or leave homes to flee insurgent-held areas by the end of July 2014. Christians were estimated to be a scant 5%, 1.2 Million, of the 23 million Iraqi population and have emigrated in mass since the insurgencies began late last year.

According to Abu Faris, a local Christian leader from Mosul, the Islamic State Fighters began marking the Iraqi Christians properties with the Arabic letter "N". The protesters in France show the profane symbol against Christians as they march to denounce it. 

It is reminiscent of the Nazis marking businesses and homes with the "J" word for Juden (Jews) during WW2 in Germany. It marked them as undesirables which eventually identified where to find them for transport to concentration camps for extinction. Where are over six million Holocaust Jews today? Dead.

Muslim Brotherhood

What some people call regular mainstream "Moderate Muslims" it's as if that modifier means being anything different than the "Radical Muslims." 


We hear a lot of qualifying statements about “moderate Muslims” when “radical Islam” is mentioned. Now, certainly, one can imagine that the majority of Muslims, are most likely people who just want to get on with their lives and that in western countries in particular, many keep a low profile and just live their lives with a low current of religiosity. Like people everywhere, they are trying to get through the day, and not start a revolution or ignite a war.

Even so, most are sympathetic to radical concerns or issues, even if they are not entirely seized with passion for the cause. It is generally reported that 10-15% of the Muslim world population are true radicals supporting jihad which is calculated from 170 to 225 milllion terrorists. The United States currently has a total population of 330 million citizens. So, these moderate Muslims' passive attitudes really just feed the heated passions of radical Islamists which just encourages them even further. 

Other Muslims are completely against radicalism, but 'stay on the down low' and don’t make waves. Then, there are the Muslims who become leaders and actually attempt to impress some kind of moderate change on the current situation within Islam. Many of these high-profile moderates or liberal Muslims don’t get as much press as the radicals, but they do exist, and often they live their lives under threat of death from their co-religionists.

While the world’s population is projected to grow 35% in the coming decades, the number of Muslims is expected to increase by 73% – from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.8 billion in 2050. In 2010, Muslims made up 23.2% of the global population. Four decades later, they are expected to make up about three-in-ten of the world’s people (29.7%).

By 2050, Muslims will be nearly as numerous as Christians, who are projected to remain the world’s largest religious group at 31.4% of the global population.

So what is the answer? It's obvious, and some will not like it--we either have to co-exist, which is totally unacceptable by the majority of Islamists or we will be reduced to dust in warfare - literally, unless we do it first to the Iranians. So, anyone heard of or have any ideas or solutions? Otherwise, let the ethnic cleansing continue until Islamists have killed every infidel or unbelieving Christian and Jew.

--isn't time to stop kidding ourselves and turn around things?