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From the Editor's Desk - My Perspective

After a successful worldwide business career of over thirty-five years traveling many regions of the United States from Hawaii to New York and trips to Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East and Africa; the people, places and politics were the core values taken away from those travel experiences. 

As an entrepreneur, I created companies with my original ideas, gathered necessary information, then assembled data into organizational functions to perform tasks that ultimately promoted sales to produce profits. My company's profits must have impressed Billionaire Warren Buffett since it is now a fully owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway today. I am applying those same principles while choosing topics to write about from past interests or ones that are entirely new to learn about from those people and events. 

In many instances, I do research into the people or events involved to reach further out to capture the essence of my topics either as an outsider looking in or an insider looking out. Either way, I strive to capture the objective perspective or offer more likely choices in order to arrive at a balanced conclusion.

As most people are inundated daily with an incredible amount of data, factoids and experiences they do not have the time to process or think about or even examine it at all. So, many take a ten second political sound bite between TV commercials as fact. As people get these wrong impressions they lead to faulty assumptions to arrive at wrong conclusions to then make hasty, half-baked choices. Politically, that's a disaster if one cannot afford that luxury of time because the wrong politicians will make all the bad choices for you. 

So, that is where I hope that you will take the time to read my editorials and blogs. The copy length is generally short and to the point for readability and attention span. It is a real bore to read some blogs that simply drone on with no end in sight. 

It is my goal that we can then put our heads together to make the right decisions for our nation's future to get the people sleeping to wake up to realty to start thinking for themselves too.

God Bless America.

Best Regards,

Donald Dickey




 A Sheep Story

The process of shearing sheep and “roving” raw wool into twisted fibers to spin into yarns for weaving fabrics is analogous to how media news stories are created today.  The raw news is gathered, twisted and spun into yarns; stories woven into reports which create the fabric of our daily news. And so, as news breaks, evolves and develops, it perfectly describes the high velocity created in the news spin-speed cycle to maximize the media impact on targeted audiences to influence opinions.

After observing the history of American politics, many politicians come to office with half-baked ideas on how to run things.  We have concluded it is not necessary to just see what a politician promises to do and does.  It is far more telling in what was less said, in what was at the heart of the one real point among many, and whether ultimately the United States and the Constitution stand up stronger in the end.  It is from those perspectives that we view our World of Politics and welcome to share ideas with readers, bloggers and other contributors.

The Editor, Journalists and Staff   

My Oval Office