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Obama Screwed the UAW in GM Bailout Deal



(I wrote this May 21, 2012 - 6 1/2 Years ago)


Obama loudly crowed to the rooftops on how he singly "Saved Union jobs and Pensions" with his huge "U.S. taxpayer General Motors Bailout!"

...Oh Really, Mr. President??


General Motors is fast becoming China Motors. In 2009, General Motors became the first automaker to import Chinese-built cars into the United States. Forget the spin. The evidence is clear and convincing. Did U.S. taxpayers save GM to just ship overseas our advanced technologies, manufacturing facilities and worker jobs for the Chinese people?


President Obama proudly declares, "Here is where our new G.M. Plants are built today!"


The Union Auto Worker Union, (UAW), complains and is critical of these plans to move our automotive production overseas. Why aren't the unions screaming right now about this U.S. job-loss travesty to Obama?

Time: 06:30

Video Review: It is a very well documented presentation that shows how Obama really damaged the US Trade Balance with China at the cost of losing our "America First position."  


Where are the public outcries and demonstrations in the mainstream news reports during the 2012 Presidential Elections about this? ....More importantly, Where's Romney's loud retort about Obama's UAW jobs leaving now to China?




Mitt's quiet "Crickets" 2012 Presidential Campaign

WE DON'T HEAR MITT ROMNEY TALKING about any wild claims of the Obama Presidential Campaign on "how Bain Capital killed jobs" and more important, Romney talking about "how Obama killed General Motors jobs!"    


VOTE 2012!  ~



All the Real Poo-Poo on Pooh

Pooh & Hu

The titled picture above is just way too delicious to pass up as an excellent megaphone for a derogatory commentary about the individuals pictured strolling alongside cartoon characters - Winnie the Pooh & Tigger.

The casting of the characters couldn't have been closer to the truth for the Chinese Paper Tiger Chairman and the Poo-Poo Head US President. As you'll recall, Pooh is the dimwitted bear with a craved honey fixation that ignores any reason while coveting the prized honey pot at any costs. It's amusing that Hu, the Chinese communist chairman-for-life, has found his cartoon image depiction so offensive that it's been permanently banned in China.

Now! ...that's a socialist program for freedom of the press and free speech at work! - all human rights flushed down the toilet. Where is Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren speaking out more for their brand of socialism?

Obama's past China policies were passive weak knee-jerks. Obama never kicked China in the ass to gain any respect, only more contrition while businesses and jobs were exported overseas and US economy was shrinking. 

Factoid: Forced Transaction Technology is concerning China’s reliance on forced transfer of technology and production from U.S. aerospace companies in return for market access.

That's quite a full "Honey Pot" that Hu chased after with Obama's total disregard for job losses and a real peril to the US economy and America's future. President Trump is now turning that failed Obama China Foreign Policy around.

The Trump administration should move quickly to implement a comprehensive China strategy which includes:

  • Placing tariffs on Chinese aerospace parts, components, and subassemblies that cost U.S. jobs;
  • Filing a complaint (preferably joined by the European Union) at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China’s unfair trade practices regarding forced transfers and subsidies to its aerospace industry; and,
  • Making the elimination of forced transfers of technology and production a priority in bilateral and multilateral dialogues, including discussions over the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP).

in order for these actions to be effective, they must also be combined with a comprehensive strategy - that includes multilateral efforts to stop China from pitting one country’s aerospace industry against another’s.

If this multilateral action is not achieved, China will simply continue. They will keep forcing western aerospace companies to transfer technology and production to them. 


Can Dory Splain' The Whole Truth - Kinda' Maybe?

 Objective Truth - Depends On Where You Stand 

Ms. Christine Blassy-Ford was looking and feeling a little like Dory in her fish bowl, as she was appearing uncomfortable as all of the murderer's row of senate inquisitioners leered at her.  

You could see all the trama in Ford's eyes as they were magnified three-fold through her thick glass lens that exposed the pent-up fear as her bulging, wide eyes darting back and forth behind her spectacles like Dory peering out of her glass sided aquarium. 

During the course of her testimony, Christine began to express startled surprise at certain facts that came to light during questioning. 

  • Christine after saying she was uncomfortable appearing, did not really want public exposure, that Senator Grassley stated that an open offer repeatedly had been made daily for confidential interviews either in Washington, DC or in her own home that would have avoided this circus spectacle. 
  • Christine to no avail could she be reached, as her own attorneys had her sequestered away in an apartment away from the public eye and television reporters. She was visibly shaken to the point of confusion as that "attempted offer" unknown to her, stifled by her own handlers, had sunk in. 
  • Christine when asked about who had paid for her "polygraph test' and attorney fees; visibly flummoxed, she had not a clue and admitted so. (Any activist groups involved here?)
  • Christine further added nothing until both her lawyers both interjected to chime in together that their services were "Pro Bono" and the "lie-detector test" was included in their services too. 
  • Christine  then quickly added she had some "Go Fund Me pages" too; but embarrassingly, sheepishly admitted that "someone" set them up for her and she had no clue how to get them up and running. Amazingly since then, Christine has been funded over $1 Mil+ in tax-free donations. 

Due to the advent of these social media sites, it now raises up serious legal issues - on disclosure laws in reporting monies paid to these high fee-base professional witnesses with their "Pro Bono" attorneys and how it affects honest litigant testimony in case law. 

Christine Ford's almost child-like delivery in her whole demeanor had little substance of facts and an ignorant comprehension of the scope due to her sketchy, disjointed and periodic annoying memory loss added little understanding at any time. 

Christine Blassy-Ford did confirm to many people on both sides of the aisle that this little fishy was out of her depth, furthermore definitely out of the water, flopping around while drowning.

The travesty is that Christine is taking down a good, decent man and his family down into the toilet tank with her.

That is the true rape here - one against a man's dignity, honor and lifetime of accomplishments. 

The one to apologize to the whole nation for what happened is Christine Blassy-Ford in her own party night with a haze of forgetfulness from 37 years ago. 



Kavanaugh Kabuki

The Intergalatic Food Fight Begins

Definition: Kabuki is an ancient Japanese form of gesture-based dance. It originated in the dry riverbeds of Kyoto, Japan in the 17th century. Because the art uses slow, minimal gestures to convey whole skeins of meaning - it is used to describe political acts that are only for show and have no basis in reality.

The Democrats say all the background evidence contains no exculpatory evidence. This is evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt. They have prejudged the guilt of Judge Kavanaugh.

The decision to impartially select this Supreme Court nominee has been thrown out the window - So Let The Food Fight Begin!



Hurry - The Kavanaugh Train is Leaving the Station

 Kavanaugh Kitchen Sink Politics

With more accusers coming forward to testify in the Supreme Court hearings, I feel we must hear every possible claim made in order to ensure we have everything known ...including throwing in the kitchen sink!

Everyone knows that if you get a bunch of dirty dishes stacked up in the kitchen that it begins to stink, especially if the food dries up and really sticks to the dishes.  Well, similarly so do all of these dirty claims stacking up against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, they also start to stick to his good reputation and begin to stink too.

It is now time to clean up all those spurious claims. They range from high school make-out party sexual misbehavior to accusations of gang train rapes at college frat houses where there's a line outside dorm rooms ready to get on board a girl spread eagle on a bed waiting for the next ride. Those depictions are the hard core definitions of what Brett Kavanaugh is charged with doing to these young women. 

The Democrats call for his withdrawal from the judicial nomination process. The mainstream press claims a "no harm, no foul" aftermath as they offer a lame consolation in that Judge Kavanaugh can return to his bench and continue on in his guaranteed tenure with a full pension.

These mainstream news imbeciles deliberately fail to mention their complicity in overlooking their effective total destruction and devastation. It's what their unchallenged claims do to his long standing professional reputation and in his private life with his immediate family, especially his young daughters. What is Brett Kavanaugh's compensatory remuneration for damaging his relationship with these women that truly love him?  Gifts? Money? Position? Witness Protection?

So, it's important to realize it is impossible to take back what has happened in just two weeks. It is then even more important to realize it is impossible to allow these perpetrators to take a person's reputation and a whole lifetime away forever - Chief Justice Kavanaugh, your country needs your leadership to retain our Constitutional values!