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A Knee Down Kicks Fan Out

If Infiniti is paying millions in ads featuring Steph Curry, are they also supporting his disrespectful "knee down" on the basketball courts against the American flag or our vets?

Hello Infiniti dealers, you just lost two more customers I know of that just bought Lexuses this weekend - sorry, they're not paying for an arrogant, self-entitled, young millionaire player, Steph Curry's paycheck this time!

America does not discriminate against black players - it's an insult to all NFL and NBA fans they discriminate by pushing personal political views. Any fans would be fired at their workplaces if they pushed politic views on their customers. Why is Curry allowed to do it? - It's great anti-Infiniti advertising for sure!

Too bad Steph only makes $35 Million in 2017 as a black athlete. Can he send some money to some of our cities where rioters tore down small business owners' stores and those unemployed black residents left behind after the riots move on could use a hand-up with a hand-out of his $ millions to really help those communities build peoples' lives. Steph, haven't seen you in a jury box, attend city council meetings, or other civic activities lately! 

So why did the High School coach get fired for getting down on a knee in prayer with his players?  - A federal court has ruled that a Washington state high school football coach violated the U.S. Constitution by taking a knee at the 50-yard line and praying after games. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found, "When the coach kneeled and prayed...while in the view of students and parents, he spoke as a public employee...not as a private citizen, and his speech therefore was constitutional unprotected." 

What's the REAL moral here? When the game gate receipts go down, cable season subscriptions dwindle, TV viewership drops off, the teams' season revenues shrink, ad sponsors lose sales and owners lose ad revenues, $$$$$$, they will realize the sports fan want entertainment to get their minds off of politics - "FIRE those players and get the SOBs the Hell off the field!" - Trump is right-on here - especially this one for sure!  ...Let's play ball! 

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