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Mexico Trade Wall Pays For U.S. Border Wall

The high Mexico Border Wall will help keep out unfair competition to the U.S. labor force. It is now only an open floodgate of undocumented Mexican workers looking for better pay due to unfair regulations against the United States.

Why is this happening? Just take a look at Bill Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement. You can see how going forward it interfered with the capitalistic marketplace since Mexico still has a current minimum pay wage of .56¢ an hour, $4.50 a day, $100 a week, which is considered there as among the best factory-floor wages. Why weren't any of the labor union organizations or government regulations introduced then or since, it's only been twenty-three years? Where are the left-leaning liberals here mentioning this void?

So why should Mexico want any new trade deal that keeps them from producing goods and services cheaper than the U.S. which maximizes their profits? Also, by pushing their poor Mexican labor force across the open border, U.S. social welfare services assume all of their financial and administrative overheads too.  And, you wonder why President Trump says NAFTA has been a disaster that has to be thrown out?  

Now Mexico can afford to pay for the border wall - with their NAFTA Trade Deal...           

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