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Obama Economy Failure Exposed in Pictures 

This is a montage of pictures of the Depression Era, 1935-39, 80 years ago. I bring up the age of the pictures because generations that follow do depend upon those before them to honestly tell what they are about. In this case, "Pictures do speak a thousand words." so not much more needs to be told; that said, I find our current President always waffling history facts and fabricating stories to suit his false, deceptive narratives to further his socialist agenda.

Many times during the past six and a half years which now is almost at the end of the Obama second term, Obama still complains things are still so bad. It's been since G.W. Bush's term as he has been trying his best to bring the United States out of that economic ditch. Well maybe he should see where we were as a nation way before under FDR, another Progressive Democrat. Yeah, Obama is right, with all his record IRS taxes collected, the highest in history, they have not helped to stem the flow of U.S. Federal spending programs yet!--it's hard to fill a hole if you keep digging it deeper--approaching $20 Trillion U.S. Debt and counting.

Do you remember these scenes during the Bush years?












Take a real look at an American family eating in 1940 New Mexico. The Depression is still not over yet as they hungrily devour Karo shortening laden flour biscuits with gravy, garden grown pickle relish or hot green peppers, creamed corn, okra gumbo and fresh milk.

OMG!...Where are these people's iPhones, flat screen TVs, Xbox game controllers, air conditioners and heaters, bottled water and SNAP EBT cards (Federal Food Stamp Cards)?--things must have been really tough back then!

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