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All the Real Poo-Poo on Pooh

Pooh & Hu

The titled picture above is just way too delicious to pass up as an excellent megaphone for a derogatory commentary about the individuals pictured strolling alongside cartoon characters - Winnie the Pooh & Tigger.

The casting of the characters couldn't have been closer to the truth for the Chinese Paper Tiger Chairman and the Poo-Poo Head US President. As you'll recall, Pooh is the dimwitted bear with a craved honey fixation that ignores any reason while coveting the prized honey pot at any costs. It's amusing that Hu, the Chinese communist chairman-for-life, has found his cartoon image depiction so offensive that it's been permanently banned in China.

Now! ...that's a socialist program for freedom of the press and free speech at work! - all human rights flushed down the toilet. Where is Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren speaking out more for their brand of socialism?

Obama's past China policies were passive weak knee-jerks. Obama never kicked China in the ass to gain any respect, only more contrition while businesses and jobs were exported overseas and US economy was shrinking. 

Factoid: Forced Transaction Technology is concerning China’s reliance on forced transfer of technology and production from U.S. aerospace companies in return for market access.

That's quite a full "Honey Pot" that Hu chased after with Obama's total disregard for job losses and a real peril to the US economy and America's future. President Trump is now turning that failed Obama China Foreign Policy around.

The Trump administration should move quickly to implement a comprehensive China strategy which includes:

  • Placing tariffs on Chinese aerospace parts, components, and subassemblies that cost U.S. jobs;
  • Filing a complaint (preferably joined by the European Union) at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China’s unfair trade practices regarding forced transfers and subsidies to its aerospace industry; and,
  • Making the elimination of forced transfers of technology and production a priority in bilateral and multilateral dialogues, including discussions over the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP).

in order for these actions to be effective, they must also be combined with a comprehensive strategy - that includes multilateral efforts to stop China from pitting one country’s aerospace industry against another’s.

If this multilateral action is not achieved, China will simply continue. They will keep forcing western aerospace companies to transfer technology and production to them. 

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