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Hurry - The Kavanaugh Train is Leaving the Station

 Kavanaugh Kitchen Sink Politics

With more accusers coming forward to testify in the Supreme Court hearings, I feel we must hear every possible claim made in order to ensure we have everything known ...including throwing in the kitchen sink!

Everyone knows that if you get a bunch of dirty dishes stacked up in the kitchen that it begins to stink, especially if the food dries up and really sticks to the dishes.  Well, similarly so do all of these dirty claims stacking up against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, they also start to stick to his good reputation and begin to stink too.

It is now time to clean up all those spurious claims. They range from high school make-out party sexual misbehavior to accusations of gang train rapes at college frat houses where there's a line outside dorm rooms ready to get on board a girl spread eagle on a bed waiting for the next ride. Those depictions are the hard core definitions of what Brett Kavanaugh is charged with doing to these young women. 

The Democrats call for his withdrawal from the judicial nomination process. The mainstream press claims a "no harm, no foul" aftermath as they offer a lame consolation in that Judge Kavanaugh can return to his bench and continue on in his guaranteed tenure with a full pension.

These mainstream news imbeciles deliberately fail to mention their complicity in overlooking their effective total destruction and devastation. It's what their unchallenged claims do to his long standing professional reputation and in his private life with his immediate family, especially his young daughters. What is Brett Kavanaugh's compensatory remuneration for damaging his relationship with these women that truly love him?  Gifts? Money? Position? Witness Protection?

So, it's important to realize it is impossible to take back what has happened in just two weeks. It is then even more important to realize it is impossible to allow these perpetrators to take a person's reputation and a whole lifetime away forever - Chief Justice Kavanaugh, your country needs your leadership to retain our Constitutional values!  

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