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Late Night After Johnny Carson - Spoon Fed TDS

I have not watched any broadcast network late night show lineups in quite a while, in fact it's over two or three years. I honestly have had too many other choices due to the wonders of cable TV on demand and live streaming programs as they offer so many quality productions with unparalleled subject content.

Tonight, I was switching off my television after watching my local station's weather report just as all of the late night show lineups start up with the Jimmies, Fallon and Kimmell, and the outlier, John Colbert. Out of curiosity, I decided to watch the two Jimmies' opening monologues by switching channels back and forth.

Not to doubt the well-read FOX commentator, Sean Hannity, but after his opening monologue earlier I had to see for myself about his observation about how other mainstream broadcast networks collude to pile on President Trump with orchestrated demeaning rhetoric daily - it's called the "Trump Derangement Syndrome". 

Both Jimmies sounded more like caged, squawking myna birds, loudly screeching angrily in unison the word "unhinged" and repeatedly within their left-wing diatribes to their studio audiences.

They claim Trump has dementia while being mentally unstable, as the mainstream media charges that he's "unhinged!" ...They all used that phrase interchangeably between all network shows today simultaneously!

Today was a real eye-opener to prove without a doubt that some large organization is behind a big program that is being well-coordinated to derail the Trump Presidency every day. 

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